Roof Safety Rail Edge Protection Kit 2


Roofing rails edge protection kits.

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Roof Safety Rail Edge Protection Kit 2

We are proud to provide a lightweight & extremely flexible roofing rails safety system for use on new builds where a roof guardrail or roofing safety barrier system is required.

What we supply

  • adjustable multi-position bracket,
  • extension arm to suit up to 900mm eaves,
  • “T” piece,
  • Safety rail post and our special small bend mounting. Providing almost unlimited installation options.
  • How to Guide on Installing Our Roof Safety Rail System

The price of $145.00 plus GST for a single frame/kit represents outstanding value for money!

Our question to you is how much was the cost of your last roofing rails safety system hire?
For less than $1000 you own a fully certified roofing safety system. This is based upon our minimum order of six roof safety rail kits which provides you with up to 15 metres of protection.

Why choose our roof safety railing system

Our fully certified roof safety railing system enables Roofers, Plumbers, Builders, Solar installers and related trades to work at height on new build roofs in safety and with freedom to complete their work.

Our roofing safety system is simple to install and is fully adjustable to allow for different roof pitches and for buildings with and without eaves. The flexibility in the roof safety railing system allows it to be used on a wide range of roof profiles and we haven’t yet found a roof that we cannot provide protection for!

Our roof safety rails system also saves you considerable downtime as it is installed by you when you need it installed and can be removed by you when you need it removed.

When you have purchased the roofing rails system, you can normally expect for it to pay for itself within a year of purchase from savings in hire charges alone.

Freight – We will only charge you a flat rate of $100.00 for the delivery of your order to the nearest Transport Depot in the city nearest to you (in Victoria). For other areas and larger orders a competitive quote will be provided.

We require a 25% deposit on the placement of your order and the balance paid prior to dispatch to you.
We can normally supply the roof safety rail system within ten days from the placement of your order.
Our price does not include the safety barrier rails which are made of square steel tube (Grade C450 LO) 3.25m long X 25 mm wide X 25 mm deep & 2.5 mm wall thickness due to the cost of freight and that this tube is readily available throughout Australia.

Speak to us if you have any specific requirements for your project.